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As one of the largest polyester producer in Europe, Elana Branch Office in Torun has two basic groups of products in offer:

1. Fibres:

– fibres processed into yarns, during wollen system: semi-worsted, and worsted

– fibres intended for nonwovens, are formed by chemical, thermal or needled method. These nonwovens are widely used in: furniture, automotive, filter, clothing, geo-textile and medical industry.

– fibres processed for fillings for the production of: duvets, pillows, sleeping bags, and toys.


2. Polymers PET:


– is the most widely used polymer for production of packaging and foils (for example bottles in the food industry).

On account of one’s properties: transparency, durability, thermal resistance, lightness, easiness of the recycling, push out glass and cardboard from the use.


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Fibre type
Product characteristic cut fibre
Type of packaging bale
Measure [mm] 700 x 1100 x 1200
Net weight[kg] ~300
Material foil PE i tape PET
Marking label contains: assortment, trade name of fibre, production date, lot number, package number, gross and net weight.




Displacement by covered means of transport in the way that protecting against moisture, chemical and mechanical damages.




ELANA® fibres for fillings are a group of segmental polyester fibres, with a solid circular section.

ELANA® fibres used for production of fillings are processed in carding process for wadding nonwoven which is a filling of pillows, duvets, sleeping bags, children’s toys etc. Wadding nonwoven can also be used for the insulation fabrics  production covered on both sides by fabric or knitwear and  sewed through on quilting machine. Lining fabrics are mainly used for production of warmed clothing, jackets, anoraks, housecoats etc.

These fibres are produced in the following ranges:


Assortment [dtex] Length [mm] Type of polymer Fibre characteristic
6,7; 12; 15,0 57,76,114 dull fibre of full section


Tenacity not less than [cN/tex] Breaking elongation no more than [%]
dtex dtex
 6,7   12    15 6,7 12 15
22    20     20 110 115 115


Details of the fibres parameters are contained in Product Specifications.





These fibres are a group of segemntal polyester fibres, wool type with a circular section, designed for conversion into non-wovens.
These fibres are produced  in the following ranges:


Assortment [dtex]
Length [mm] Type of polymer Fibre characteristic
 6,7; 12,0;15,0  57;76;114  dull, black, color  standard fibre


In the manufacturing process of fibre, antielectrostatic preparation is applied, which keeps durability for approximately six months. Durability of preparation applied on fibres designed for sanitary applications, are determined separately by the finish producer information.


Non-wovens are the textile product obtained from carded fleece complex in permanent manner  by one of many methods of bond: chemical, thermal, stitching (mechanical or water), sewing, or shrinking. Non-wovens produced on basis of the ELANA® fibres found wide application in many branch of production (automotive industry, extractive industry, furniture industry, food industry, clothing industry), in land construction (construction and repairs of roads, strengthening of embankments, waterfronts, secure dumping ground), roof coverings, in medicine (disposable hospital clothing, equipment of operating rooms), household goods.

Offered fibres have the following physical and mechanical parameters:



Specific tenacity not less than [cN/tex]* Breaking elongation no more than [%]*
 dtex  dtex
 6,7 12  15  6,7 12  15
 22 20  20  110 115  115


* Further details of the fibres parameters are included in Specifications of selection.


ELLBALL fibres belong to a group of the fibres for fillings and they are equivalent of synthetic down in the form of balls made of polyester fibres. These balls are characterized by a unique viscosity, which results from the shape of their fibrous structure, girding and covering the space of the air contained in them, by single fibrils. Besides, fibres with hollow were space used for producing them, which additionally gives the unique viscosity and furriness to all structure both single ball as well as all filling, and imposition of silicone preparation, strengthening elasticity of this configuration, also provides good fibres removability while maintaining good insularity. Additionaly, this effect undergo strengthening by applying components fibres.   ELBALL fibres are used for fillings: pillows, duvets, sleeping bags, anoraks, furniture, and even mattresses. Usage of polyester fibres grants products made from them the individual features, due to the unique physicochemical properties of this material, and exceptionally high neutrality towards human organism, which allows to call them antiallergic fibres.   Fibres ELBALL during operations, which preparing products for fillings do not require (this is not advisable) carding.   PACKAGING, MARKING  

Fibre type
Product characteristic Elball
Type of packaging bag bale
Measure [mm] 800×1500 900x800x1500
Net weight [kg] 6 60
Material worek PP worek PP, folia PE, taśma PET
Marking label contains: assortment, trade name of fibre, production date, lot number, package number, gross weight, net[kg]

TRANSPORT   Displacement by covered means of transport in the way that protecting against moisture, chemical and mechanical damages.