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The Company started production in December 1963. Last decade had passed on restructuring. In 1993 state enterprise – Chemical Fibres Plants transformed into company wholly owned by the state treasury, becoming in this way, one of the companies participating in the mass privatization program. In January 2001 the new shareholders became: Chemical Plants and Plastics Boryszew S.A., Foundry Oława and Mr. Roman Karkosik. Since 29 March, 2004 Chemical Plants and Plastics Boryszew S.A. has become sole shareholder of Elana, holding 100% of the shares and votes on the Elana S.A. Assembly. On 28 January, 2005 the Regional Court for the Capital City of Warsaw in Warsaw, 21 Commercial Department of National Register of Judicial registered merging: Elana S.A. and Chemical Plants and Plastics Boryszew S.A., which consisted of taking over Elana S.A. by Boryszew S.A. Elana currently operates under the name of: Boryszew S.A. Elana Branch Office in Torun.


Under circumstances of increasing competition the Company is looking for ways to ensure the economic success. Sources of this success we can discern among otheres in the way of management, simultaneously the market orientation is the leading element of company policy.


Elana as one of the first plants in Poland implemented an integral management system which includes quality (ISO 9002), environment (ISO 14001) and industrial safety (PN-N-18001).


ELANA PET sp. z o.o.


Elana PET became in 2003 from fusion of two companies: Elana PET sp. z o.o. (recycling of PET bottles) and ELTECH sp. z o.o. (mechanical, electrical and automation area). Both Companies were separated from biggest in Europe produces of polyester fibres and bottle polymer.


Actually we providing wide scope of services starting from building welding steel constructions, manufacturing spare parts to all kind of machines, renovation and regeneration works till assembly, disassembly and displace devices, machines, production lines and all plants.


We are producing also high quality PET flakes in various fractions (transparent, blue, green and mix).





 Elana-Energetyka sp. z o.o.


Elana-Energetyka sp. z o.o. is engaged with manufacturing, distribution, and sales energy factors listed below:

1.Thermal energy which the carriers are:
a. steam at pressure 0,2 MPa, 0,6 MPa, 1,6 MPa and 3,15 MPa,
b. central heating water 150°C/70°C and 95°C/70°C.
2.Electric energy (6,0 kV and 0,4 kV).
3.Cooling water 27°C/35°C.
4.Water conditioning 5°C/12°C.
5.Demineralised water.
6.Raw water and drinking water.
7.Compressed air at pressure from 0,3 to 1,0 MPa.
8.Compressed dry air at pressure 0,6 MPa.
9.Nitrogen at pressure 0,6 MPa and 1,0 MPa.
Sales are made through a power grids.


Company apart from energy factors also selling slag (resulting from the combustion of coal), demineralised water, and liquid nitrogen.




TORLEN sp. z o.o.


Torlen sp. z o.o. was set up December 9, 2008.


For the purpose of ensure the best quality, the Company purchased modern equipment and carried out the modernization of the existing line. Actions taken to concentrate the production, lead-in modernizations on the production lines, simultaneously keeping the same level of well-trained staff of employees, grant situation where our Company has very good opinion among our customers, and services are on the same high, solid level.
The Company continues production of all assortments listed below:

– yarn POY semidull dtex 138 ÷ 566
– yarn POY bright dtex 138 ÷ 566
– yarn POY bright dtex in colours
– yarn flat FY dtex 167 semidull, not intermingled and pneumatically intermingled 33 ÷ 334
– yarn flat FY bright dtex 167 ÷ 334
– yarn flat FY dtex 76 semidull,pneumatically intermingled
– yarn flat FY high tenacity semidull, dtex 110 ÷ 2120
– twisted yarn TWY high tenacity s-95 twist/meter, semidull, dtex 270 ÷ 2120
– yarn KDK bright, 220/ 334 / 668
Destination of the of the polyester yarn produced in company is mainly: textile fabrics, technical fabrics, sewing threads and other applications such as production of filters, garden hoses or verticales.